A Shippy Vacation

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, you have to try it at least ONCE. Most people either love it or hate it. There’s really no in between. This year my husband and I decided to celebrate our five year anniversary by taking a cruise WITHOUT our kids – YAY! (Although, I would take them on the next one).  My verdict: BEST vacation ever!!

While planning, I realized there are so many ways you can decide which cruise you want to take. You can choose based on price, cruise line, or destination. We (really me because hubby was fine with whatever I chose) decided to select our cruise based on the ports of call. Before searching for cruises I didn’t really have a preference other than it had to be somewhere Carnival Glory in Grand Cayman
with lots of sunshine, but once I saw the itinerary, I KNEW that was where I wanted to go: Western Caribbean. It ended up being through the Carnival Glory, which turned out to have great reviews from our friends and family. The ports of call included Grand Cayman, Mahogany Bay, Belize and Cozumel. I knew it was going to be the best seven days of fun in the Caribbean sun with my husband/best friend!

They (I don’t really know who they are) say vacation is what you make of it and we are, by nature, adventure vacationers. Personally I don’t like the idea of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to just relax (we just don’t have it like that). If relaxing is what I want then I’ll do a stay-cation. From the moment we got on the ship to the moment we got off we had a blast. We booked an excursion (not through the ship) for every port except Cozumel. We went snorkeling and swam with the Stingrays in Grand Cayman, we


explored a private island called Little French Key off of Mahogany Bay, we went cave-tubing in Belize and in Cozumel we just walked around and explored the city and ended up at a museum in the main city center where we had a guide teach us about the island.

Pano of LFK in Roatan, Mahogany Bay
Early morning view of Little French Key.


Back on the ship is where we had the most fun. Honestly, even without the excursions I feel like we would have still had an amazing time. There was just so much to do: from the food to the activities, the Sticky Ball Game on Carnvial Gloryshows, and the deck parties. The days were filled with so many options that there was no possible way to be bored or have nothing to do (plus, we purposely didn’t get an internet package so we had to enjoy all the things available to us on the ship). We went to every Playlist Show, except for the first one, and thoroughly enjoyed them all.  We laughed so hard at the comedy club that our stomachs hurt. We showed up to several of the deck parties and had a blast singing at the top of our lungs and dancing like nobody was watching.  We stopped and listened to live music, danced Salsa (my favorite!) at one of the 80's Deck Party
clubs, played in the casino (and lost), and we even participated in a game the first night we were on the ship.  We ended up winning the Entertainment VIP package, as well as the other couple that we competed against (they technically won).  However, my favorite part of the whole cruise was the dinner each night in the Main Dining Room.  Yes, being catered to and not having to cook or clean was nice but what we really enjoyed was having great conversation with the other cruisers at our tableDinner at MDR on Carnival Glory
and the friendships we created.
All in all, I have to say that I truly think this was the best vacation we have ever taken. It combined all the things we love to do in one. We got to enjoy a vacation (without kids), explore our beautiful world and see new places, meet new people and learn about their culture. All the while, I didn’t have to make a deal with my husband on who’s turn it was to drive, cook, or make the bed (plus the towel animals are so cool).

For now, I’ll just keep reliving our amazing vacation by looking at our photos over and over again and searching online for our next cruise!

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