No excuses

I don’t want to pretend to know the entirety of what caused the rioting in Baltimore. What I do know, is that the response is totally unacceptable! In no way, shape or form can anyone justify why the rioters behaved the way they did.  Sadly I have seen too many people justifying the poor behavior by saying that it was provoked. Excuse me?! No way! There’s a saying that goes like this: “You get more with honey than with vinegar”. How can you expect to be treated fairly when you’re acting like a vandal? You claim to be rioting against police brutality but you are causing civilian brutality and you’re taking down the very people that might have supported you, if you had gone about it the correct way.

I completely understand that sometimes we need to take a stand for our beliefs. I agree there are many hot topics in this country have been getting out of hand. I do not, however, agree with how things have played out in Baltimore.  People say there were peaceful protests that the media didn’t provide coverage on. Sadly the media exploits anything negative and suppresses “good news”. (Unless its convenient, of course). Again, I don’t know much about that because I haven’t followed closely enough to know that side of the story.

It truly hurts me to see that as much as we have progressed as a nation and as intelligent as we claim to be, some people still feel the need to resort to violence. How can you say you are being treated unjustly and being criminalized for something you did not do and then turn around and hurt your neighbors and destroy your community?! In your blind rage you managed to vandalize a business that an innocent bystander worked very hard for.  Those cars that were destroyed were a means of transportation to some of your neighbors.  People who now have to file a claim to their insurance because you decided to destroy anything in sight. Baltimore was trying to make a statement and they accomplished that, but definitely not they way they were hoping.

Many people have commended the mother that was caught reprimanding her son and I agree!  As a parent, I can sympathize with her and quite honestly I might have done the same thing to my child if I were in that situation.  I have heard many people say that it is hard to parent when any little thing can be construed as child abuse but in that moment, that mother did not care who was watching.  I wish more parents took the time to do whatever it takes to make sure that our future generation has their heads on straight, with good morals and a kind heart. I believe parents need to get control of their children soon before we start living in a world where riots like the one in Baltimore become common place.  We all want change. Change starts at home.


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